Car Lots in Philadelphia

The Truth About the Car Lots in Philadelphia

Buying a used car is a frequent occurrence in Philadelphia. In fact, used cars are becoming increasingly attractive for more and more people across the United States. The prospect of saving thousands of dollars (even tens of thousands in some cases) is pretty nice, we have to admit. Of course, there will always be people who say that buying a used car is a very risky endeavor. Also, even some of your friends may advise against it. While it is true that you can have problems with a pre-owned car, there are ways to significantly decrease the risk. When you take into consideration the amount of money you save by purchasing a used vehicle, you immediately understand why car lots all over Philadelphia are so popular.

Saving Money With a Used Car

When you buy a used car, you take a risk. Maybe the car is not in the condition it is presented to be in. Or maybe it has a hidden problem. The truth is that the price of a used car is so low because there are a lot of offers on the market. It’s simple economics really. When car dealers are competing to sell each vehicle, it’s clear the price will drop. Buyers will be offered discounts and various perks if they buy a pre-owned vehicle. After all, car dealers have to meet their month quota. Another reason why used cars are so cheap is because vehicles lose value at an alarming rate in the first 5 years. A new car loses around 20% of its value in the first year and another 30% in the next four years. In other words, you can buy it at 50% of its value after just five years. If you’re lucky, the car can have less than 50,000 miles on the clock. It can be very well maintained as well. Many people sell their old cars just because they have the money to buy the newest model. Or maybe they want to try another make of vehicle. Regardless of the reason why the car is being sold, you can get it for a pretty low price.

Picking the Right Car Lots to Visit

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t find it safe to meet with strangers and carry out cash transactions in unfamiliar places, buying a car from a private seller is out of the question. You have another option: a car lot. You will basically be buying a used car from a company that deals in pre-owned vehicles. Unlike private sellers, these companies need to comply with several laws and regulation. It’s generally safer to buy a car from a car lot than from a private seller. And remember, a company can offer you an extended warranty. You will have to pay a premium for it if the car is not CPO (Certified Pre-Owned), but this protection you get is worth the money. To pick the best car lot in your area in Philadelphia, just do some research. You can find plenty of information and guides on the Internet. Most car dealerships have hundreds of reviews on various websites all over the Internet. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family about car lots. You’d be surprised how many people buy pre-owned vehicles these days.

Don’t Take Any Risks

Since you will be buying a pre-owned car, you should not take any risks. This means you should avoid offers that sound too good to be true. Remember, no car dealer will sell you a vehicle and lose money on it. In addition, you should get an extended warranty for at least one year. This protects you in case the car has a hidden defect. It doesn’t mean the car dealer was dishonest though. Sometimes, the original owner didn’t know about the flaw when he sold the vehicle to the dealership. Another way to protect yourself is to get the car to a mechanic you trust as soon as you purchase it. Pay for an in-depth inspection and immediately replace all the parts that look worn out or damaged. Most experts recommend that you change the oil and all the filters as well. To be 100% safe though, we recommend you also check and even replace the distributor. Modern cars are usually trouble-free for more than 100,000 miles, so you will enjoy a pre-owned vehicle for years if you invest a bit of money into it after you make the purchase. Good luck!