Car Dealer in Philadelphia

Searching for a Car Dealer in Philadelphia? Here Is What You Need to Know!

So, you want to buy a used car. Congratulations! This decision will most likely save you thousands of dollars. And no, we are not exaggerating. Did you know that a new car loses more than 20% of its value after the first 12 months of ownership? Also, statistics show that it continues to lose value at a rate of 10% per year for at least the next 4 years. So basically you can buy a car for half its original price after 5 years. If you do the math, you instantly realize you can save more than $10,000 and buy a very nice car. However, there are risks involved.

Not All Car Dealers Are Created Equal

If you are looking to buy a used car, you’ve probably considered finding a car dealer in Philadelphia. Truth be told, dealing with private sellers can be risky. And for many people, doing business with a complete stranger is not an appealing prospect. Whatever the reasons, you’ve decided a used car dealer is your best option. And it is. However, you need to realize that even though you will be doing business with a company, this is not a guarantee that the used car will be as advertised. The sad truth is that there are still many car dealers in Philadelphia who forget to mention some of the problems their cars have. This is why it is important to find a car dealer with a good reputation.

What Is Certified Pre-Owned?

A pretty secure way of buying a used car is to pick a vehicle that is CPO. CPO means Certified Pre-Owned. These are basically late-model vehicles that have been thoroughly inspected. In most cases, CPO vehicles have also been refurbished and certified by the manufacturer or by an accredited company. You can be almost 100% sure that a CPO vehicle is exactly as advertised. The mileage is real and the car does not have any hidden issues. Also, CPO vehicles usually come with extended warranty. It’s easy to get special financing for this type of used car. The only downside is that CPO cars are more expensive than non-CPO cars. You are basically paying more for your peace of mind – and for the guarantee that the car won’t break down in 3 months.

Doing Your Homework

But maybe you don’t have the money to buy a certified pre-owned car. Does this mean you should abandon your search for a reliable vehicle? Does it mean that you have to get a larger loan to buy a CPO car? No! It just means you have to do your homework and find a reliable car dealer in Philadelphia. There are still companies that provide excellent customer service and that value their clients. There are many used car dealerships that employ honest salespeople. These companies will disclose all the information they have on their vehicles. In other words, they won’t try to hide flaws just to sell a car quickly. The best way to make sure you are doing business with a reliable, trustworthy dealership is to check their reviews. Nowadays, there are dozens of websites like Yelp where people can leave reviews for companies. If the dealership misled its customers, there is a very big chance that at least a portion of these people have complained about the services of the company on the Internet. Do your homework and try to find reviews. Also, it’s important to check the history of the dealership. If it has been in business for a decade or more, there is a very big chance it’s a reliable company that focuses on quality customer service. Misleading companies usually don’t last long in this very competitive marketplace.

Final Considerations

As with anything in this world, you will never be able to be 100% certain that the used car you are about to buy is exactly as advertised. To be 100% sure, you’d have to buy a new car. Also, keep in mind that even CPO vehicles which have been thoroughly inspected can break down. A modern car is a very complex machine. Sometimes, it’s simply impossible to tell when it’s going to fail. However, by finding the best car dealer in Philadelphia, you will significantly lower the risk of buying a faulty vehicle. And even though nobody can guarantee you that the car will run smoothly for another 5 years, you will get the vehicle for half its original price.